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Information and Background

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Dell 7010 Plus is a computers with 13th gen Intel processor that comes in a very small form factor and are quite easy to work on, with a max of 64GB of DDR5 RAM (possibly 128GB, but 64GB S...

Background and motivation

Many people use tools like Terraform, Ansible, custom boot scripts and more to provision and maintain their Kubernetes nodes. These tools are powerful but they do have a downside of only partially achieving what should be the ultimate goal: declarative configuration wit...

Currently, my Kubernetes cluster is running on Ubuntu 20.04 and my upgrade path to the latest LTS 22.04 is dicey. So I figured it's time to look into immutable OSes. There are a few to pick from, Talos, K3OS, Kairos are popular ones. Talos seems to be the most popular, and K3OS is used prett...


I recently decided to try out Ubiquiti after hearing many of my friends and people on social media (Discord especially) speak highly of their experience. On a previous project for replacing my NAS, I did all my own research, bought an Asustor NAS, ended up making a lot of mistakes and...

The Problem

If you're like me, the prospect of being able to hit Kubernetes resources from your local network (and expose them to the Internet to host apps, games and other services) is very alluring. There are many ways to do this, one of the most popular being MetalLB. MetalLB is a fantastic...

Information and Background

With many thanks to Perihelion in the k8s@home Discord.

(Skip to the "How-to" section if you're already familiar with these computers)

Dell 7040s are computers with 6th gen Intel processors that come in a very small form factor and are quite easy to work on, with...

Just in case someone else wants to make Discord stickers that frustratingly MUST BE APNGs, here's the preset that I used to get Shotcut (video editing software) to do it:


I recently learned about a cool (and possibly frustrating) feature of Go. I haven't found any information on this (I'm probably not searching for the right terms) so I'll call it type attribute shortcuts. Check out and run this code.

As you can see, Go helpfully creates a shortcut for types...